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If every fool wore a crown, we should all be kings!

Take part in our April Fool’s Sale, which starts on 31.03.2023 at 16:00 CET and ends on 02.04.2023 at 15:00 CET, by making an order of over 6€ and you might be really surprised by the outcome. It goes both ways, as you could either get a free game including some excellent AAA titles or receive an empty gift just for laughs... you know, in the tradition of the April Fool's Day.

Prepare for Street Fighter 6, the Latest Title in the Iconic Series

Are you ready for the latest installment of the iconic Capcom fighting Street Fighter series? As the year is progressing the Street Fighter 6 release is also nearing and the title is planned to become available worldwide on June 2nd, 2023. It is cool, shiny and ready to deliver the long-awaited hits and punches that have been promised on the next chapter of the favourite series. It is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.
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