About Us

Hello, dear Gamer!

You can trust a renowned game developer to deliver a game you’ll truly appreciate, but with so many online stores today, who can you trust to get those games from, without having any second thoughts about things like price, reliability, genuineness, and customer service quality?

Discover YUPLAY – a game store that’s a Leviathan among sharks in the vast digital sea!

With us, you won’t have to think about anything other than the upcoming hours of exciting gaming experience, once you choose from our large game catalog! Whether you’re looking for the latest the developers have spawned or you’re seeking old and classic titles, we always got you covered!


YUPLAY is a team of cheerful people, passionate about digital entertainment, and just like every other gamer, we love submerging into all the different universes the virtual gaming existence has to offer! With nearly 15 years of experience, we’re a trusted game store that offers players games for every taste, prices for every wallet, and instant delivery of the selected products.

Customer satisfaction has always been one of YUPLAY’s top priorities as far back as early 2007 when we first started strong with a wide variety of payment options, great discounts, insane promotions, and bonuses. So we quickly dominated the Asian market and have been a pillar of professionalism and premium service when it comes to selling games!


Now, the time has come to blow the door to an effortless and problem-free game purchasing and gaming experience to the rest of the world. Gamers from Asia shouldn’t be the only ones that have access to the coolest online game store on Earth, right? So we unanimously decided to put in the work and create a whole new look for our digital sales service, one that straight up exhales the word “gaming” and will make shopping a real pleasure and therapy for a fan’s soul, no matter where they reside!

In a nutshell, our new mission is to become the favourite landing-place of every gamer, so follow us on social media to get the hottest updates on YUPLAY and the gaming industry.

And remember that with us you’ll always have a GG!

P.S. All you need is YUPLAY !