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The Much-Loved Open-World Action Game Outcast Finally Gets a New Beginning

More than two decades after the original 3D Outcast game got its release on June 25th 1999, the very much beloved open-world title by APPEAL Studios and THQ Nordic gets a follow-up in form of <strong>Outcast – A New Beginning</strong>. In its initial entry of the series the game was pioneer and a true revolutionary experience in the gaming world, so for this upcoming sequel we have high hopes to deliver a stunning set of features and mechanics once again.

Immerse Yourself in the Gorgeous World of Dragon’s Dogma 2

The coming second entry in the Dragon’s Dogma series is again set to be a single player, narrative driven action-RPG that offers players various choices depending on their own preferences for the desired experience – you would be able to adjust the appearance of your character, select their vocation from the multiple available options, decide how to approach different situations and much, much more.
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