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Summer Starts Early with YUPLAY

The hot temperatures of the summer months are already hitting relentlessly upon us and we decided to start the season early with an awesome promotion by giving away thousands of gifts. Just make an order above 10€ between 19.06.2024 15:00 CET and 24.06.20234 15:00 CET and you will get one of the following prizes: 10%, 20%, 25% and 50% OFF discount codes, 1€, 2€, 5€ and 10€ OFF discount vouchers and of course lots of FREE GAMES...

DOOM: The Dark Ages Announced as a Prequel to Doom (2016)

We just recently got a brutal announcement trailer for DOOM: The Dark Ages gameplay and it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting single-player, action FPS prequels ever! The title has a strong medieval aesthetic and is going to be telling the story of events before the critically praised DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal entries in the fan-beloved series, it is going to offer us the story before the events we had in those two previous titles.
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