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The Award-Winning Sci-Fi RTS Returns with Homeworld 3

The Homeworld series has been one of the longer lasting staples in the genre of cosmic RTS games for more than two decades ever since the original Homeworld release came all the way back in 1999. Fast forward 25 years and here we are, quite thrilled to get the Homeworld 3 release this coming May, so boost the engines of your spacecrafts and get ready for an epic journey across the stars with your fleet of ships at your command to jump through hyperspace with us.

Are You Ready to End the War of Light and Darkness?

Destiny 2 has consistently been among the most active live service video games throughout the years, players currently embark in the Lightfall DLC seasons, but there are multiple exciting things for the franchise in the coming months, so let us have a look at the latest updates around Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the next major expansion for Bungie's awesome first-person shooter available on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.
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