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Engage in Fast-Paced Mech Combat in Armored Core VI

Dating all the way back to 1997, the Armored Core series has been collectively around for more than two decades, and even after a lengthy hiatus between the years of 2014 – 2022, it clearly seems there’s more to be discovered in the far reaches of the title’s vast and established universe. The sixth installment of this mech-combat action game has definitely caught the eye of many fans, making it a much anticipated title for the second half of the year…

Get Ready for a Fortnight Marathon of Rewards

It has always been among our main goals to keep giving out numerous prizes during our promotional periods back to all our fans! That’s why every day between 17.05 and 31.05 we are going to randomly pick 4 winners from the customers that have made an order in the respective day. During the first week of the promotion all winners will get a full-refund of their orders in the form of YU Coins and during the second week - a 10€ Gift Voucher in YU Coins.
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