Join the Vast Open World of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Join the Vast Open World of Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The survival horror game genre is getting another mighty addition in its ranks with Dying light 2: Stay Human , the very much awaited sequel of the 2015 free running, infectious zombie packed open world hit that took our breath away some time ago. This entry is definitely going to supersede its predecessor in all aspects, with even better and detailed graphics, more brutal ways to kill, construct your weaponry from scratch and apply combat tactics to run through hordes of enemies as well as an upgraded parkour mechanics for more stylish acrobatics. The last game’s main plot gameplay took more than 30 hours to complete the full campaign, and that comes without counting all the side quests that are spread all over the maps, so this time we are eager and preparing to get even more and preferably a longer story build. So when does dying light 2 come out? Let’s run up to the rooftops and jump right into it.

The Dying light 2 release date was, as with many other major titles, delayed a few times due to the unforeseen situation with the global pandemic occurring and it is currently set for early February 2022. It has been a bumpy ride and the wait has been long, but this only gives an opportunity to get a better game from it when it finally hits online game shops. It will offer a broader capacity for players with visually stunning urban ruins taken over by a massive number of disfigured lurker zombies that used to live there as regular people and citizens.The city of Viledor has blended back with nature even more and the landscape has a great mix between lush plants and destroyed buildings that have been infested with a growing number of virals as the zombies are called in this world that has gone through an apocalyptic scenario decades ago.

So Your character; Aiden Caldwell (voiced by Jonah Scott) is an outsider that is just arriving in the city and immediately gets in the middle of the action. He is looking to find answers from his past and all the signs in his journey lead him to look for the last parts of habitable lands that are still located in the once bustling with life city. In the beginning he gets an overwhelming feeling of despair and looks for ways to go through the areas in one piece when he is aided by the Night runners who are a group of survivors with the necessary experience, skills and more than enough knowledge about survival to deal with the situation. They helped many people to manage with the situation after the apocalypse and the cruel state in which the world is currently in. And so you become allies in the darkness, even though it is questionable if they are to be trusted completely, since there are conflicts and differences in their ranks as well.

Resources and commodities are quite scarce and there are ongoing fights for territory, equipment and other valuables between different factions that have settled and are rebuilding society according to their vision and beliefs of how things should be from now on. The weak are not tolerated and often they fall victim to the stronger and more adaptive groups. The three main collectives are as follows;

Survivors, who are taking their shelter up high on the roofs and above the ashes of the destroyed and long-gone civilization, building and safeguarding shelters of hope with gardens and shelters for the ones looking to contribute with hard work and effort. The next main group to mention are the Peacekeepers consisting of mostly soldiers and army personnel that has been able to regroup thanks to their training and battle skills, looking to forge a new order amid the ever-growing chaos. And finally the last guild worthy of our attention is the one of the Renegades, who are ex-prisoners following the dictate of their ruthless leader. Each of these have different structures of allegiance between their members and your decisions are going to affect the narrative depending on your choice to reject of follow their main principles. You are going to meet with many of them in various circumstances and would have to pick a side thus making the level of replayability much higher, since you could follow a few different paths of action in the game according to your preferences and style. This Dying light review is not going to focus on potential story plots and twists, since most of them are still quite foggy, but rather let us have a deeper look at some of the games features instead and get to know what we could expect from this title by Techland.

At daytime you are going to face with a big variety of outcasts, marauders and the infected mutants that have also began forming classes and ranks. The way you traverse the city will bring you into many locations of interest and it is up to you to react adequately to each situation showing integrity and honour or choosing to betray others for personal gains. One thing is common for everyone though, when night takes over the world; there is equal danger for all those who are still out of the ultraviolet lights reach that seem to be the main thing keeping the more flesh-hungry habitants of the city. The rules change during these times, all the mutants emerge from hiding and you must exploit the higher grounds and traverse on rooftops and between buildings, but even there you are not fully secure. Virals have adapted to the thirst for blood so much and are now more than prepared to chase after you even there.

Your reactions must be quick in order to manage and survive until the light comes back, but these darkness filled times are also important to act on some very lucrative opportunities and many rewards could be stacked up in some desolate locations that have been emptied of zombies since they are roaming the streets. The nests hide many secrets to explore, but you must be brave enough to earn the big prizes and to master the art of survival to an extent where you make some incredible stunts to get the goods. The skills you have are more than enough to help you in that regard and being such an extraordinary runner helps you go through the dangers with grace. The devs have spread out some more uncommon ways to elope in case you need to figure out a path and the first person perspective is giving us the experience to think outside of the typical methods to stay alive. Wall-rides, long slides and other cleverly thought out contraptions are our main source of adrenaline when it comes to movement across the landscape, so make sure you look all around your environment for quick fixes of situations gone horribly wrong. Obstacles become plunges towards your fate and split-second grabs or jumps are a requirement to retain your life as human.

The Dying light 2 gameplay is fast-paced and looks amazingly well-done, topping the previous entry with quite a bit of detail and smoothness. You should choose your style of combat and approach the missions with precise moves in order to execute the targets efficiently and swiftly. There is no room for a mistake when engaging in open space fights, but also some stealth is required in other cases. The game offers a weapon construction system and you could assemble different blades or long-range arsenal from scrap and the different findings on your journey through the story. You have to stay mindful and vigilant to remain well-equipped or you could easily fall victim, when lacking in your ability to stay resourceful and not waste your means of survival. We suggest you learn the ways to become the weapon yourself by understanding the mobility mechanics that could offer some great potential for close-combat to overcome many of the dire events Dying light 2: Stay human has to offer. That way even when you deplete or lose some of your lethal tools, you remain an active participant in the melee by relying on your building up aggression levels to ensure you walk away alive. The acrobatic skills are not just for exploration but really come in handy in a fight too.

The interaction system for the game keeps you cautious as any decision you make should be a careful one, you friends might become enemies very easily if you step in the wrong direction and that gives a sense of responsibility at all times. You might have to burn some bridges before getting where you want to be or lose the ones who helped you just some hours earlier. Betrayal and regret for some shocking developments are not going to be spared on your way and you should be ready for all the possible encounters even if it means losing someone.

At the end of the day you really must count on yourself alone and nobody else since there is a high chance that the ones close to you might not survive the night and all its potential devastating consequences. All events that take place shape and form the city and the areas do not stay the same as a constant. Explosions and the ongoing destruction happening all around are a major cornerstone of the gameplay and even once familiar places would change over the course of time with high-definition details that you could just overview and explore.

The mentioned above features are what makes game studios take their time with the release of a big title, since they are looking to implement amazing physics effects and knit some special and innovative advancements in the industry. As fans we sometimes demand quick fixes and immediate results but when looking at it from the perspective of a studio developer wanting to present something truly incredible that would bring a decent amount of disruption to the field they literally need to leave no stone unturned in the open world experiences that require lots of effort to be put in them by everyone involved in the process.

The Dying light 2: Stay human trailer that premiered in the middle of 2021 gave a preview of just how much effort and work has gone into the product, with its impressive presentation and way of giving details through narration and storytelling that has become the standard nowadays we are more than impatient to try it out as soon as possible. But we wonder about many things that are still to be revealed and disclosed in the coming few months ahead of us when the wait ends, what is in store for this grand project and the potentials it has to offer. Is a Dying light 2 multiplayer mode in the works? We sure hope so, that would be an experience we want to try for sure, as we fight off mutants all over the streets of Viledor with our peers.

The confirmed platforms and console generations it is going to be released on include a PC release of the game and a Dying light 2 PS4 version, but also there would be a Dying light 2 PS5 installment, and how is it all going to work? Dying light 2 Crossplay has been confirmed too, since it would also be present for Xbox One and Xbox X/S as well as Nintendo Switch, making it available for all major consoles on the market. So no matter which is your preferred gear and hardware of choice there is going to be Dying light 2 cross platform support to join in on the adventure.

Techland have taken into consideration all players on this and one of the remaining things left to announce is the Dying light Pre-order date that should be just around the corner by our prediction. So stay around and follow our online game shop for such an announcement because we are not going to leave you in the dark about it.

Until then we leave you with some links below to review, in case you missed the Dying light 2 trailer, personally narrated by the main character’s voice actor Jonah Scott giving you some wonderful previews of the complexities of the game such as plot introduction, high-risk acrobatics and the variety of monsters, fractions and their diverse members. Choose the fate of the city and try to stay human at all cost in the process.