Sniper Elite 5 Review

Sniper Elite 5 Review

Are you a fan of greatly crafted and incredibly precise shooters?

If your answer to this question is a definite YES then do we have an awesome review for you today! This week we aim our optical unit at Sniper Elite 5 which is an upcoming action shooter video game and the latest installment in the Sniper Elite franchise , created by Rebellion Developments. It is coming in hot and is expected to drop on the market at the end of next month. More specifically the Sniper Elite 5 release date will be on the 26th of May 2022. The game is currently in Pre-order at the moment of writing of this review and is going to be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and versions for PS4 and PS5.

So far, the award-winning series has offered some very impactful action-adventure entries that circulate around different wars from history, through the extremely precise scope of Karl Fairburne who is a German-born American operative taking part in undercover missions infiltrating enemy lines and always getting the work done, usually against all of the odds.

In this review we are going to discuss the various details about the recent Sniper Elite 5 trailer and story, gameplay, mechanics, improvements we noticed and the overall direction the game is headed in. We will go through other interesting elements such as upgrading system, HUD, visuals and camera, technical specs and certainly will not forget to mention what editions of the game are already available for Pre-order in our shop too!

Buckle up, check your rifle and get ready for some zooming action with this one, as there is a lot of ground to cover and the time to once again save the world and rid it from oppressors.

The Plot of this entry and the Sniper Elite 5 trailer:

This entry in the action shooter series is set in 1944, France, the Second World War is in its turning point as Allies are gaining momentum and tides are changing for the Axis, the regime is getting cornered, making them an even greater threat that could go to desperate measures if not swiftly eliminated and the French Resistance is preparing to deliver a deadly strike first. Our protagonist Karl is establishing connections and joins the effort in stopping the plan of the Germans.

Cities are still bombarded and devastated by squadrons of planes, burning ruins that were not long ago perfectly built houses and homes are gone, we get a glimpse from a secretive meeting where high-ranking officers promise that their victory is to come very soon. It seems there is some sort of an ongoing operation that could potentially swing tides in German favour.

Just one man’s name is heard Groupe Fuhrer Mauler, then we get a glimpse of his face, pleased and just a bit smiling in a very sinister manner, observing the destruction he is responsible for. The regime would not give up easily and without a big fight, they have a hidden Ace up their sleeve, the only information about it is the codename; KRAKEN. Even though it is not clearly shown what that is, we have a few hints at what it might be; a deadly weapon or a carrier of deadly weapon.

A few scenic shots of castles and fortification infiltrations show us that the game looks quite well-crafted and has got great graphics. Stealth is obviously a big thing in the series and you should remain unnoticed as much as you are able to. There are glimpses of a massive black and white checkered rocket that looks like it is getting prepared for launch in its silo, could that be the mysterious weapon? It sure did grab out attention. The next frame is of a cannon that takes a shot and as it flies through the air we get a glimpse of the slow-motion effects in the game, alongside the long-distance bullet time that was previewed in the very beginning demonstrate the great attention to this feature. It hits the targeted submarine, causing it to explode and burst into flames, all in close-up, and all of a sudden, the action becomes much more intense. The music starts to sound much more mechanical, as if compiled of mostly explosions and collisions. The resistance is shown trying to eliminate the regime’s key members, by sending specially trained elite marksmen on particularly dangerous infiltration missions. Your targets are high-ranking officers and leaders that are crucial to the developments in the war, without them the Reich would fall and it would all be over. There is no price too high for such a cause and the only the best could manage the storming that the game offers. The war machine must be crushed down before executing their secret weapons onto the world, this is simply not permissible.

Another hint we must point out to is that the KRAKEN “shall rise from the ocean and rain destruction” (as quoted by our main antagonist Mauler), perhaps meaning some underwater vessel that is not traceable or caught on radar might be the wonder weapon? We would have to find out through the Sniper Elite 5 campaign missions. The camera rolls from the speaker’s stand all the way back through endless rows of soldiers and we see flags with time-period accurate symbology but with an added detail, a giant squid-like creature covering the central piece of the regime’s flags (Fun quiz fact; the only other flag shown in the Sniper Elite 5 trailer was the Japanese one in a building that resembles a train depot or heavy machinery factory although it did not become clear on whose turf that was.).

Gameplay features to not miss reading about;

An expansive single-player campaign through realistic sights and historical locations that have been mapped and captured with photogrammetry in order to fully represent the environment as closely as possible to the authentic buildings and places it depicts. This truly immersive and detailed perspective would give you the experience of breaking into some of the targeted forts and chateaux. Missions follow a specific scenario from infiltration up to extraction and present opportunities for single walkthroughs or co-op modes that enable mechanics for shared ammo, directions between players and saving each other by healing your wounded partner.

Enhanced gunplay with advanced features;

When shooting you must consider a multitude of factors such as part of the day, wind, gravity as well as your pulse, breath and keeping noise low. Another important aspect is the stealth and bullet management, your ammo should be considered at all times and how to obtain new rounds through either looting it or taking enemy ones. You are able to incapacitate enemies completely or use non-lethal takedowns, so that you keep your ammo count higher.

New traversing methods and movement strategies;

You are able to use a variety of different means for moving around from climbing rock formations, zip lining towards balconies or open windows, to going down slopes in order to get into the less guarded sections of the levels. You must navigate through complex passages and find your way out of predicament in some risky ways. Vehicles and travel seem to also be available in order to cover longer routes and more ground in a faster manner.

Highly-customizable weapons system that allows you to assemble your own weapon of choice;

The workbenches scattered around the maps offer you some great options to change basically every part of your primary rifle, secondary guns and pistols and change all their specs, performance, looks and effectiveness in different situations. You can replace the barrel, scope, magazines, handles and noise reducing silencers. The Sniper Elite 5 series has always had lots of effort put into the weaponry and assembly of your equipment has had major improvements to boost your accuracy and skills.

An Invasion mode where you face other players in battle duels;

Drop in on another player’s mission as an enemy sniper and duel to the death while you engage in battle. In this mode you are able to play as Karl and also to call for assistance from other friendly snipers too.

A wider multiplayer mode for bigger brawls and combats;

Create your own character with a specific and unique loadout as you are earning XP points and upgrade you gear, receive medals and ribbons from the 16-player multiplayer deathmatches available in Sniper Elite 5. Test your sharpshooting skills on the battlefield against other players in fully crossplay supported modes. If co-op is more your style, then team up with 3 other soldiers on the map for Survival mode where you would get to fight against waves of incoming enemies with an increasing difficulty.

The Kill cam has become much more detailed;

Sniper Elite 5 penetrative kills have a lot of detail and promise to showcase the exact path your bullet travels through your foes. The kill cam has been used in various ways in previous title of this shooter video game , but none of them have been more gruesome up to now. An emblematic feature that could not only shock you but rather also lecture you about human anatomy, bullet trajectory and physics. Adding on that are potential deflections at certain angles that could frag another enemy if done correctly and the fact that now even your SMGs or pistols could trigger such an X-ray event, making the game even more brutal. There is also the multiple shots kill cam that has a more dramatic and variable effect depending on the way you take out the enemy.

It is not clear yet whether there would be machinery X-ray events and animations, as there have been in past entries of the series, where instead of human bodies, you see how bullets go through vehicles and engines in fully rendered and accurate manner, but it would be great to have that too. We are hopeful to see it in the upcoming Sniper Elite 5 as it would fit the game so much in our opinion.

A more responsive and realistic damage system;

When you activate the kill cam and the bullet flies through the area you can inflict a hit on an enemy if they manage to survive, they would behave according to their wound that you have given and as usual for the franchise you will have the option to hit them in different parts of the body, it has been touched in previous titles and now that is getting even more work done on.

Various types of takedowns and stealth grabs;

In the Sniper Elite 5 trailer we got to see some very short frames and footage of Karl grabbing enemy soldiers by surprise. What stuck out to us is that in one of the instances the takedown was lethal and definitely eliminated that poor soldier as he was flying down the rocky mountain with a knife in his head, but the other case had Karl performing a sleeper choke hold that was not intended to murder the soldier, but rather keep them incapacitated and with no big fuss. Could there be a choice on how much aggression to be used or a similar mechanic, making you act a bit more as a pacifier or if you choose to push the narrative in a more ruthless direction? One thing is for sure, there will be many ways to clear your path of enemies and it is up to you to decide what style and approach you prefer to do it in.

Let’s talk a bit more about the various bundles and editions of the game now;

As mentioned earlier in this review the game is currently in pre-order state and there are a few options to consider taking advantage of. Not only does Sniper Elite 5 have a rich selection of merchandise but also it has some very interesting options for the more dedicated among you that might spark up your interest, so here they are: Standard edition and Deluxe edition widely available and coming in with some goodies to take advantage of for an even better experience as well as exclusive Cadet bundle & Marksman bundle that are packed with even more content and merch.

As Pre-Order bonus you could get one very special entry in the list of missions, in which you would have to take out “the man”! The exclusive mission would bring you to the Target Fuhrer: Wolf Mountain Mission. Yes, that is right; you could get the chance to assassinate “Herr Wolf” himself - A. Hitler in his own private mansion in Bavaria. We even got a neat treat of his face in the crosshairs of a rifle that looked great.

It is a big opportunity to destabilize the forces of the regime and part of the Foxley operation. You could approach it in many ways as long as the job is done and you inflict that major hit at any cost. You can even get a bit more creative and not just use a long-shot, so replayability with this one is certainly high as you get to explore and find new and exciting ways to put an end to leader of the regime, plus it would absolutely bring the German’s morale down and surely affect the outcome of the war in the Allies’ favour, as they would on the other hand definitely take advantage of the propaganda and successful outcome of this operation. The mission is available in single player and co-op modes so you can even team up with a friend in this glorious act! This bonus stage is available for all editions of the game on Pre-order!

Another major game changer is the other exclusive bonus; The P.1938 Suppressed pistol that would ease your way through the enemy lines by providing some silent kills and that way effectively avoiding to raise alerts and troops to come after you. The gun was originally designed as an experimental weapon for the Axis, but in the skilled hands of Karl it is a serious advantage to take them down effortlessly and from afar. It is available in the Deluxe edition as well as the Cadet & Marksman bundles of Sniper Elite 5 but keep in mind that it is not included in the Standard one.

There is also a Digital Graphic novel included (for PC users only) that is named Sniper Elite: Resistance’ that depicts events outside of the game’s campaign.

As for the Cadet and Marksman bundles, they could be purchased separately and come with t-shirt or jacket as well as Enamel mugs with the Sniper Elite 5 logo and branding on them.

So make sure to obtain your preferable version of this new and exciting title that is going to push your sharpshooting skills to the next level of performance and get a realistic feel of the historical events that take place in Sniper Elite 5 . Defeat the regime; eliminate the top leaders and high ranking officers as you are the only hope for so many people. We hope that you enjoyed this review and will return next time for more interesting takes on the latest upcoming titles out there! We can assure you there are going to be some very exciting entries to our blog in the near future, so stay tuned!