All Fortnite Skins You Can't Help But Love as a Fan

All Fortnite Skins You Can't Help But Love as a Fan

The craziness of Fortnite is still strong and we don't mind! That's why we decided to pile all Fortnite skins you can't help but love as a fan to present a review extravaganza and give you our top picks for outfits that we prefer to roam the battle royale island in. We are going to also include some of the skins we would like to see introduced in the Fortnite universe for each category as well, but have in mind that they are just our personal preferences or choices and are NOT in any way official and you should NOT consider them as spoilers or rumours. Let’s begin with the stats and go through a few of the more popular categories of skins in Fortnite.

How many skins are in Fortnite?

We surely would not be able to cover all the 1200+ skins available at the time of writing this material, but we are going to do our best to select the ones we deem worthy of your attention, since Epic games have outdone themselves again and add new entries in the game every season, it is no surprise that there is such a huge variety for players to choose from in their hit title. We are sure that this is not going to stop soon, so new ones will certainly appear as the seasons roll-out each year. So, the question is not how many skins are in Fortnite , but actually more like “How many skins are in Fortnite up to now?”.

What types of Fortnite skins are there?

Even though the number of available looks grows with each season the categories remain fairly the same and unchanged for now so we should establish how the skins system operates in the game and what types there are. Before we start our selection for this review, let’s explain a bit more about the tiers first.

Have in mind that far from all the outfits in the game are free and for some you have to pay with V-Bucks (which is the in-game currency). The entire Fortnite skins list could be found online with a simple search and you will surely be astonished to find out more about the big diversity and possible looks to rock in-game as you blast your way through enemies in style. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at the four main categories:

  • - Uncommon Skins usually cost around 800 V-Bucks
  • - Rare Skins could be obtained for 1200 V-Bucks
  • - Epic Skins would require you to drop 1500 V-Bucks
  • - Legendary Skins come at a price of 2000 V-Bucks per piece

It seems clear that the higher price you are willing to pay the better image you would get, but this certainly does not reflect on your skills and performance as a player! Note that skins do not bring any ability or skills paired with them, they are mostly visual fashion statements and represent you far more as a character than an adversary or potential threat towards other players. This keeps the game balanced as it could potentially get really complicated if each skin had some sort of stats or skills included. They are all equal no matter of the tier they represent.

It does not matter if you have a regular type or a Legendary outfit, you would still heavily rely and depend on your playstyle as well as experience rather than having a secret weapon that is hidden up your sleeve!

An aspect to mention and hint here is that some skins could perhaps blend better with the environment than others would, so stealth might be a factor to keep in mind when choosing your skin for a match as this could be the only advantage they offer for players.

Since in the game there are so many popular skins of DJs, singers, anime characters, sportspeople, superheroes from movies and comics, there is certainly something fitting for everybody, no matter if you are a nerd or a sports fan, the game has got you covered and offers options for you to choose from.

Whenever some more popular cultural event or movie premiere is coming the team at Epic games makes sure to integrate popular faces in the game, so you can easily discover that you are able to play with both heroes and villains from hit movie titles, as well as pop-culture icons and idols that have the hype on them right now. Rights over IPs are probably not always easy to obtain, design and construct so it is fair that some of them could be pricy.

There have even been some special events and concerts that were performed inside the game so that fans could experience a totally new form of blended entertainment in a virtual setting and even getting to play as the celebs themselves.

In this review we are not going to look for the answer to the question - What is the rarest skin in Fortnite , since there might not be a single true and valid answer for everyone, with a big variety like that it is definitely hard to be so specific, but a list of the more special or interesting Fortnite skins could certainly do the trick.

For this list we are going to focus on a few of the more prominent and extraordinary skins as well as some of our team’s favourites, that we have surveyed prior to writing this material.

Ready to go down through the list with us and who knows maybe you would discover you next battle outfit here! Let’s go in 3...2...1:

Anime Fortnite skins of characters that we love;

Starting with anime characters that have not yet been so well-represented as a category of characters for now. We just love the Naruto series, and what a wonderful coincidence that there are so many beloved characters from it in the Fortnite battles. Being able to navigate with Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and even the main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki is really great, they get a completely new feel and even though there is not so much fighting it is still a blast to be able to play with these well-known ninjas.

If we would have to limit our preference to just one of them though, the Sensei gets our vote – Kakashi has two versions with and without a mask on his face, but we should point out that the masked version looks much cooler in our opinion!

We hope that with time there will be more heroes added in the anime category of the game skins list, from the top of our heads we would suggest the following as future additions; Goku (Dragon ball Z) Saitama (One punch man), Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear), Alucard (Hellsing) and Yagami Light (Deathnote) and possibly so many more that would fit the mould. We think they would all make great on the battlefield and we would love it if they are included for an upcoming season! There is a lot of room for more representatives in this category and we hope there will be updates soon.

The Superhero Fortnite skins from all our favourite comics, games and movies;

Our next category is dedicated to Fortnite superhero skins , and there are so many and represent a big variety to choose from, we just have to mention popular names such as Venom, Wolverine, Batman (all of them), Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Superman and the Flash and this is just a small part of them.

Although these are far from all available goodies and baddies from other media in the game, they just stand out not only in popularity but also with their design and attention to detail involved in the skin creation. Some have more than one variation since they come from other canon versions and for example, Batman has at least a few iterations to him from the different movies, comics and animated series he takes part in. But it is not just comics and movies….

When we have a look at popular guests from different other games we see characters like Guile, Chun-Lee and Ryu (Street Fighter), Kratos (God of War), Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (Resident Evil), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Master Chief (Halo), Mandalorian (Star Wars) and many other familiar faces that we have grown fond of from different titles.

It is a clever move to involve fan-favourites all in one place making it a crossover between multiple genres and IPs. Where else would we see matches between some of the most recognizable fighters, battle alongside comic book heroes and so many others all in one playground? This strategy definitely attracts attention and many players adore the game because of that approach.

Looking for a pirate, a mercenary, a dark spirit, a mech robot, or just a silly fluffy alien creature? Fortnite has got it (almost) all at this point, so you could make not only some very serious line-ups of just one type, but rather get some more unreal teams with massive diversity in their build, style and outlook.

Who would we like to see added to the roster for this category? This is a tough question as it seems that many of the more important ones are already in, but when we thought about it names such as Spawn, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Neo popped-up immediately and would be a lovely addition!

Having said that let’s move on to the next category of Fortnite skins;

Real-life celebrities playable in the game!

Having personas such as Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), LeBron James, Neymar, Keanu Reeves (as John Wick), Marshmello, Bruno Mars and Tom Holland (with a range of 4 Spiderman suits directly from the hit movies, but also as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted movie based on the popular game title) as a playable skin in a game is not an easy to obtain property, but absolutely nuts when you think about it.

Many of the singers, actors, DJs and athletes have all appeared in the game and you could test them out on the battleground head-to-head with the other types of imagined character skins. They all look quite good and really do resemble the real-life people’s image. A definitely clever move on behalf of Epic games to have thought of such a strategy when it comes to attracting fans of different background and preference!

We think that other celebrities that would be a good choice to add might be Taylor Swift, as for the male picks perhaps some dudes from metal bands such as Slipknot (as they are all masked and would look really cool in the game’s battle) would cut it and devastate with looks and style. But it is not only about movie stars or group members, the game rewards its strongest supporters too.

Popular players inside the game they play?

Going a bit further would be to mention another interesting category, this time with real-life streamers that support the game enough to receive their own skins in the Fortnite universe. A segment of popular personas would be the streamers that are becoming more and more important in their influence with the current generation of youngsters. They are hip and modern celebrities that would surely fit nicely in the game as fans would enjoy racking up frags with. It all began with Ninja who was the first such skin for his massive contribution towards the popularity of the game even becoming a sort of the face for the now established practice of introducing names with lots of followers as playable skins.

Others that have been added down the road so far include TheGrefg, Lachlan, Loserfruit and LazarBeam. They have all contributed to the popularity of the title as well, having dedicated so many hours of streaming the game that the studio decided on crafting personal skins for each.

Who else would you like to see available in-game? Names that we would consider in this category could include the likes of Pewdiepie and/or Mr. Beast, but if the condition for a feature in the skins’ gallery is streaming the game for a certain number and number of hours then maybe it is not so easy to get listed, so we are going to keep it open here.

Moving on to the next category which is going to push the degrees of hotness a few notches up would be:

The Sexy Fortnite Skins we adore!

Having a swimsuit round is a must in any beauty pageant, and our review is not going to be an exclusion to this well-established rule. Beauty and attractiveness have always been a major factor in fashion, cinema, art and the music industry, so it seems that gaming will not be left in the background either when it comes to appeal.

Even though there have been many controversies in the industry over the years we think that Fortnite has found a good balance between provoking attention and keeping it clean at the same time.

Our picks here do not only look stunning but also remain classy without showing too much skin in their skins. The game is intended for younger players so it would not fit well with anything too revealing and showing.

Staying true to the source material and the costumes is normal so we picked the contenders for hot Fortnite skins based on their looks and cuteness factor. Here we should mention the likes of Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Beach Ruby, Athleisure Assassin, Victoria Saint, Poison Ivy, Rogue and Black Widow to name just a few that stand out of the hundreds of options. All these female Fortnite girl skins have great looks and turn heads after them in our humble opinion. The designers have made them look really attractive and beautiful, but still in a more innocent manner, which is fine with the audience of the game.

As for additions to the category that we would like to see playable, we could point to the fact that there are not many Disney princesses involved in the game, although this might not be the best fit when it comes to the action of battles. Could you imagine Cinderella shooting a rocket launcher at for example Sleeping beauty? Neither do we!

So maybe looks are not the only leading factor here. The relevance the ladies have must prove that they are worthy of this and should also have the will, strength, endurance and experience on the battlefield in order to be relevant in the game’s setting. Having that in mind, is it possible to ask for Mystique (X-men), Sailor Mars (Sailor moon), Kitana (Mortal Kombat) or maybe Tracer (Overwatch)? They would all look very good and fit the narrative with ease, as they are all experienced in battle and not just great in looks.

Free Fortnite skins, do they even exist?

With all the variety in the game cosmetics you must be wondering how to get free Fortnite skins.

There must be ways of obtaining a free Fortnite skin as well, right?

Yes, the game regularly hosts internal tournaments and the winners get to receive free skins of popular characters, although when these offers expire there are no more qualifications and the skin is off the table. The ones that are over are no longer available entirely for free, or with proving yourself on the arena and fighting your way up to them.

Another option is to sign-up for the Fortnite Crew, which although not entirely free (there is a monthly fee of around 12$) gives players the opportunity to get lots of freebies in return as well as a battle pass that could give you access to loads of skins when you pile up enough XP points.

The entire Fortnite skins list could be found online and you could get familiar with all that is available in the game quickly and easily. For a dedicated fan a simple search would really be useful since there is a lot to review when it comes to all the cosmetics, gliders, weaponry and outfits that are available in the game. Just keep in mind that it is not final and would be expanding with lots of new introductions over time, so regular checks of what is new or upcoming should be conducted from time to time in order to stay truly informed and in the know.

We would like to hear your thoughts about already existing and announced skins, as well as what your recommendations list is when it comes down to new skins, outfits and attire. Which is your dream skin for the game? Who is the character, celebrity, streamer or popular person that you would like to play as on the island of Fortnite? Would you like to see some more flexible mechanics when it comes to free content in the game or maybe more possible ways to get content with qualifications or achievements? Your feedback is really important to us and as fans you should know that your opinion matters not only to us but to the companies in the field, so make sure your voice is heard and has an impact on the industry as a whole.

As always, we are thankful for your time and attention and getting to the end of the review! You rock!

Stay posted for next week’s entry, now go conquer the Fortnite island!