Elden Ring review – What we know so far and what to expect.

Elden Ring review – What we know so far and what to expect.

The wait is almost over! Are you excited as much as we are about the upcoming epic RPG title by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by FROMSOFTWARE at the end of this month?

The wait is almost over so a proper and thorough Elden Ring review is an absolutely crucial must, in order to get familiar with the most important information about it that we gathered. The Elden Ring preorder campaign will be coming to an end soon too, so we are also going to cover what bonuses you would receive for it, we definitely think it would be worth your attention, so read this Elden Ring review to the end and let us know what you think, here we go!

The Elden Ring release date is nearing (25.02.22) and we want to share our thoughts on what awaits us in the mystical and picturesque Lands between. A fast-paced action adventure set in an incredibly fascinating and detailed world of magic, splendor and more than a few sprinkles of pure and rather twisted chaos. Masterfully crafted and written by Hidetaka Miyazaki & George R. R. Martin in tandem, with such a good blend and combination of themes, as well as deep storytelling, crisp visual effects and immense gameplay. There have been volumes of Elden Ring news lately and attention gearing up towards the title and it all sounds superb! Let’s begin our Elden Ring review from the story background and see what else we could expect at the Elden Ring release date.

The Story up to now;

When we first got the Elden Ring trailer back in 2019 the whole atmosphere and feel of it all gave really dark tones, scenes of devastated battlefields with burning red skies and corpses all around foreshadowed parts of the plot, while also getting visions of the self-sacrificial act that was the forging of a mysterious artifact, all narrated with vague directions.

It looked and sounded amazing back then and that has not changed up to now. As more and more of the story got unveiled over the months, we were treated to so much content full of variety, magnificent scenery and attention to detail, vested in both the cinematics and gameplay.

Elements of the narrative then got told from the perspective of a mysterious four-armed female character with elfish and phantom like features and a very pale skin with a hissing voice letting us know that she grants us passage and comes with an offering. She was a direct witness to the shattering of the Elden Ring, and how its pieces got lost over time. Perhaps that is why she has a scar marking one of her eyes. A whole age has passed since then, the pieces could be anywhere at this point and their beholders might not want to part with them easily.

She begins telling about the story of the shrouded horsemen and how they stole the Rune of Death and fractured the world in doing so.

When it got stolen it caused the Golden Order, a series of runes that bind the rules of life and keep them fully enacted only when together, to be disrupted and caused great disasters all over the Lands between.

Since then the law of Death does not apply anymore as it is out of the Elden Ring that is made up of all the runes in the Golden Order. The living no longer die properly and rise up over and over again creating a vicious cycle of never-ending battles. The story contains some details coming from traditional Japanese folklore and myths, making it an atmospherically deeper experience, entwined with philosophical matters and such a well-thought out development of the plot. We get immersed in visuals of fierce combats, blades slashing everywhere as hordes of ogres and other ghastly creatures leave forts in fire and brimstone. Parts of this world are in constant darkness and bloodshed. But it is not all like this, there still are places where the light of day exposes lush fields and lands that are sanctums.

The characters we get;

In the Elden Ring gameplay trailer it becomes clear that you play as a “Tarnished” character, meaning someone already dead but not affected by the missing and disrupted law of Death, from various classes and abilities depending on you style of choice. The rules in this world have changed drastically since the balance of the Golden order got abolished, so different fractions have formed, one of which is the Golden Order Fundamentalists. Their aim is to enforce and go back to the old laws of life and the world, however they have even found a powerful spell “Litany of Proper Death” to personally execute and deliver the different monsters, but not on an universal level but rather individual one. When struck by this spell there is no rising back from the dead for anyone afflicted, even the rightful owner of the Elden Ring – Queen Marika “The Eternal”, which by her title alone is suggested that she and her demigod children had possessed immortality prior to the disruption of the Golden Order.

As it is unclear publically who exactly broke the Elden Ring, they just might enjoy watching the world burn down as battles were on the rise and surged chaos to spread throughout the realm one fight stood out, as the Melania the Severed with the blade of Miquella faced General Radahn and had both locked on at each other. The scene ends in a grand stalemate ending, where both of them seem to murder each other; leaving the fight without a clear victor, but it does not become until later if they both survive it.

In the next scene we get footage of her throne empty, vacant and with the crown being placed on the seat. It is all very symbolic and depicts the different engravings of the cult towards the Queen. It is also surrounded by other smaller in their size thrones, those of her demigod children that now would rule over the world. Still her presence and influence is felt all throughout the game and she plays an important role nonetheless. Statues of the Queen serve as safe spots in the various locations you will be advancing through.

The monsters we must face;

Fights for domination and the “Shattering war” broke out among and against Demigods over the lands, and since Death was now on the menu and being served, became a real potential for them. Their defenses and attacks were always on the rise. One of them, as we have seen in the Elden Ring gameplay trailer , has even developed quite a few extra hands plus a personal dragon’s head extension on one of his shoulders, he is the God of Gold - Godric and wields a massive golden axe so heavy that he must handle it with multiple of his hands, so it is probably safe to say we should certainly get some really creative enemy types and bosses in Elden Ring that are all different from each other and quite original in their appearance and abilities.

Most of the bosses have not been yet revealed at all, but from the information we have so far we know that each Demigod child of Queen Marika has a name beginning with the word “God-“ as a prefix, pointing out to their royal pedigree and privileges. Godric and Godfrey are the more known about ones, but we have seen just one of them in the Elden Ring gameplay trailer and the other in Elden Ring concept art ( ).

We could only speculate about the rest and other potential key enemies, but one thing is for sure they would all be quite aggressive and hostile. We did get to experience Margitt who was a boss we had in the Elden Ring PC network test as he is depicted as a loyal servant of the royal family that is the main guardian of the Stormveil castle.

When we have a more in-depth look at the regular types and we notice there are various minions spread everywhere that also vary in their shape and size and from the Elden Ring leaked trailer we had glimpses of massive creatures and wildlife like Dragons, Giant crabs and bats, Land octopus, Golems, as well as some very much undead enemy warriors and not that many, more humanly looking types that we have to deal with on our quest to find the Elden Ring. The Black nights from the Elden Ring trailer stand out, since one of them was also present in the network tests, but there are also Mercenaries, Demi-humans and even a creature named Skeletal slime that is very gore like and just looks as a horrific abomination that you would not want crawling around. Of course, there are some minor looking types such as boars, rats and regular animals, but probably they would be quite feisty too. Just in case be prepared for surprises and unexpected developments in this one.

Gameplay and mechanics;

The battles engulfed big amounts of the Lands between and darkness has fallen on many of them, but others still remain bright and colorful. The concept of the great fog that you have transited through is mentioned at least a few times in different contexts, which seems as one of the main reasons to not be accepted well, that and the status as Tarnished, make you an easy target. When you are in the Lands between you are going to enjoy and take in so much grandiose architecture and remarkable landscapes with both vivid and dim pallets making it diverse as there are a few main regions to explore.

The Elden Ring gameplay offers some the most detailed worlds with incredibly animated skyboxes as well as landscapes that would leave you breathless, there is just that big of a variety of scenery, seasonality and atmosphere in the locations and the map looks like it is quite packed with a plethora of terrains and environments.

One of the grandest looking stages we have seen in Elden Ring gameplay trailers so far has the Erdtree (one of the very important symbols of the Queen) in the middle of it, a tree with a golden glow to it that lights up its locale and vicinity. Before the destruction of the Elden Ring the age was even called “the Erdtree age” (and as much as we know the one before that was “the Cosmic age”), thus the script points out to its great importance. It is said that it fuels the lands with energy and whoever controls its vast power, reigns above all others.

There is a strong sense of verticality and you traverse through much easily when you summon your trusty mount animal that is actually quite fast-paced, sturdy and agile especially when it comes to going over rock formations, big leaps and even vertical jumps at special air stream points that allow you to overcome canyons. Moving around you would find shrines and places for rest and to replenish your strength.

On your journey you are able to summon ghosts of your choosing as well and assemble a team of them to fight on your side as you engage in battle with the monstrosities that want you as dead as possible. When you cast spells in the game you get sigils to follow and cast accordingly to them in order to be most effective against the different types. Each sorcery type has a distinguished color as well and you should be on the lookout for these signs to be victorious. Another very interesting feature are the other characters you meet on your way, some of which offer you different choices and depending on how well you pick what to do, you get different scenarios for certain levels. Would you trust a complete stranger in this world or would you prefer to not interfere with them and stay on your path? That trust might pay off greatly or cost you solemnly; it adds a nice touch and is a welcome feature in our opinion.

So will you accept the offer by the phantom storyteller and reach for the crown, becoming the new Elder lord?

Elden Ring Multiplayer and platform support

There will surely be an Elden Ring PC version that you can order from our store but such a hit title will most certainly be a fan-favourite on all the other major platforms as well, so it is clear that an Elder Ring on PS 5 and even perhaps support for the PS 4. As for the other major gaming console there will be an Elden Ring Xbox series S and X releases, and even a build of Elden Ring on Xbox one

For now no crossplay has been confirmed but at least they cover all the main player bases with cross-gen support. There will be however the Elden Ring multiplayer will include PvP, Invasion and Co-Op modes included and it would get lots of further updates as time goes. You will unlock these modes in the early stages of the game and you could interact with other players and slay together or duel if that is what you fancy more.

So what are you waiting for? With a hit game like this you must make sure to grab your copy and finally enter the world of Elden Ring to prove your might against the mythical foes, demigods, four-winged fire breathing dragons and ruthless warriors wanting to bring you to your demise at every step you take towards the crown of Elden Lord. Will you try and restore the Golden order’s rules of life or use the power for your own personal amusement as you watch the world burn and fall apart; the choice is yours to take.